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  • Arabic WordMaster Pro 1.0

    An arabic version of a famous Hangman Program. It is an innovative arabic word puzzle program, geared towards mastering arabic vocabularies and arabic word spelling skills for an english-speaking people. For an
  • English To Arabic and Arabic To English Converter 7.0

    You can use handy english To arabic and arabic To english Converter software for translating english to arabic and vice versa. It is very easy to use; you juts have to load text for translating and the translation pair
  • Arabic and English Typing Tutor 4.6

    It aims at training to type in both languages (arabic and english). Switching among languages is achieved using the keyboards plugins button. Selecting the arabic button, configures the software to train the arabic
  • VerbAce Arabic-English-Arabic Dictionay 0.9.3

    The handy VerbAce arabic-english-arabic Dictionay is used for translating words and phrases between arabic and english. It features 60,000 entries in each language while Multiple sub-meanings are also included. It
  • Yoolki Arabic Keyboard 1.1.1

    Right click any text field and select "Write arabic here" to write in arabic using an english keyboard. The add-on can transliterate your english letters or translate english to arabic using Google translate. (ex: The
  • Islam 7.02

    Read and learn Holy Quran, 3D page animation, 35 languages, search engine, praying times and animation, background and text styles, Holy Qur'an MP3 player, creating Holy Qur'an HTML pages, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala names
  • Arabic Editor 1.1

    arabic Editor consists of bilingual interface and gives you onscreen virtual keyboard for arabic letters. You can type arabic and english with this text editor. You can easily create english and arabic documents with
  • Arabic Keyboard Language Support

    arabic Keyboard Language Support s an application that is mainly written to enable the people who don't have arabic enabled windows to write arabic.The arabic keyboard software captures keys and writes the
  • Clavier arabe co

    Clavier arabe co the virtual arabic keyboard to write arabic langage, search on the internet and translate from arabic to english, french, spanish, russian etc. A windows application that simulates a physical arabic
  • Al Kalemat English Arabic Dictionary 11

    Al-Kalemat Interactive english arabic Dictionary is a unique and very powerful tool that will enable you to search for any arabic or english word's meaning immediately without the burden of getting its original word stem
  • ListMemoriser 1.0.1

    ListMemoriser is for assisting in memorising Quran and Quran related lists. There are 2 different ListMemoriser, one is with english transliteration and another is with arabic script. There will 2 Shortcuts created in
  • Omnidic 1.0

    Following dictionaries are included in the Omnidic program that supports working only on mobile phones: Italian - english; english - French; Portuguese - english; english - Italian; english - Spanish; english -
  • Muslim Explorer 2007

    Muslim Explorer is an integrated software for the previous Ekabakti product including Al-Quran Explorer, E-Hadith and E-Tafsir. All this contents assembled together into a single screen. Muslim Explorer includes arabic
  • Stars Suite 1.0

    you can Enter, Edit and View arabic Data inside Microsoft Applications not only using an arabic Soft Keyboard; but also using arabic Handwriting character Recognition. You also get Prayer Times; Hijri Calendar and
  • Bangla Translation of Quran 1

    Bangla Translation of Quran 1 is a free program which is used for reading Bangla, arabic, and english text at the same time. You can hide arabic and english text. The program is very simple and user
  • Saleem 2011 2.0

    Saleem is desktop application that designed to allow users to write and use arabic characters in Adobe products like Flash, Capitivate, Photoshop ...etc and other software that does not support arabic language. with
  • Croisoft Arabic Typing Tutor 3.05

    arabic Typing Tutor is an application that offers the opportunity to learn touch typing in arabic, learn the technique to touch type in arabic with ease. Intended for all age-ranges, both children and adults can start
  • WordPoint 3.17

    Instant translation: WordPoint is a point-to-translate PC dictionary that provides real-time interactive translation in 18 languages. Point your cursor at the word and an instant translation appears in a tooltip balloon.
  • Arabic Dictionary Plugin 1.0

    The handy software program arabic Dictionary is used for translating english to arabic language. It has user friendly interface and is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 dictionary.
  • eiktub Arabic 1.2

    eiktub??? Add-on is used to write arabic on text forms that are browsed with Firefox. eiktub??? helps you write emails, Blog, or search the web for arabic content. To use eiktub???, simply right click on the text area
  • Quran with Tafseer 1.0

    Quran with Tafseer 1.0 is used to read and learn the Holy Quran in arabic, Urdu and english Languages with five Translations and four Tafseer, all bundled together in one easy to use and small size of application. Its
  • Quick Dictionary 1.0.2

    Translates words to or from english. Many languages. Easy to use. Translate unknown words right in the PaGE you are browsing in the convenient popup. References to usage examples, web definitions and related phrases.
  • English-Arabic Talking Phrasebook 5.5

    The english-arabic Talking Phrasebook for Pocket PC is an essential tool for anyone going to arabic speaking country and not knowing a word in arabic. It could also be an excellent introduction to the spoken language
  • Ashkon Translation Pad 1.96

    Translation Pad is a simple internet machine language translation software. Translation Pad supports the following language pairs: english to German, english to Spanish, english to French, english to Portuguese, english
  • QDict 2006 0.5

    QDict 2006 is a translation software containing a concise arabic-english-arabic dictionary with over 100,000 entries and a unique morphological analysis engine that was developed as an academic research project. The
  • Turkish Typer 1.0

    If you are intersted in being able to type in Ottoman Letters or Turkish letters you can do so with this program. The program works quite simple. You click on a letter that you would like to use, then press CTRL + V
  • Arabic Dictionary 1.1

    You can run arabic Dictionary on any platforms. It implements techniques of morphological arabic stemming for searching while the english Dictionary in Java is also included.
  • Arabic File Conversion

    This program renames your arabic files??? names to english names in Anglo-arab form. This is so helpful when you have arabic files names (e.g. ????????????.mp3) and you want to use that in any device that doesn???t read
  • Quran B7thy Toolbar 1.0.0

    This toolbar has unique features, You can read and listen to the Holy Quran, you can also make shortcut to your favorite websites in any language including arabic, Japanese and Chinese, plus a lot of useful features,
  • English Logic Intermediate Edition 3.6

    Learn to speak english with english Logic. The english Logic Intermediate Edition is the second level of english. The Intermediate Edition continues your strong foundation of english skills by introducing you to more