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  • ThankYou Letters 10.0

    Get 200+ Thank You letters For Only $9.99. Our Thank-You letters include topics such as: follow up thank you letters, thank a customer, thank you letter for a job, thank you letter for a meeting, thank someone for
  • Free Thank You Letter For Interview Job 10.0

    Get 200+ Thank You letters For Only $9.99. Our Thank-You letters include topics such as: follow up thank you letters, thank a customer, thank you letter for a job, thank you letter for a meeting, thank someone for
  • Wsteps

    Change one letter at a time to go from a given 3-letter word to a target 9-letter word, in 6 steps. Can change only one letter in one step. - Load a dictionary of your choice from the four provided with this program:
  • AutoCAD MEP 2012 6.7.49

    AutoCAD® MEP software is the version of AutoCAD® software for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) designers and drafters. Experience more accurate drafting and documentation of building systems in a familiar
  • Business Letter Professional 2008 7.9

    Business letter Professional 2008 is the top class business letter writing software. It offers 1000 typical business letter templates such as agreements, apologies, authorizations or business proposals etc. With this
  • CSi Concepts 2D v4 4.0

    Concepts 2D is a powerful yet easy to use design, drafting and technical illustration tool. Concepts 2D has a comprehensive set of drafting and annotation tools making it the perfect choice for producing anything from
  • RuTast

    RuTast-software makes it possible to write Cyrillic (Russian) letters, using an english keyboard. The software uses an onscreen keyboard with Russian standard and phonetic layout. On each key is a Latin and a Cyrillic
  • WinGhost 1.4

    Play the ghost word game against your Windows computer. The goal is to avoid spelling words of four or more letters. You move by typing a letter. You and WinGhost take turns adding a letter to the end until a player
  • WhiteSmoke English Writing 2011.01.29

    Could your writing use a little help? Whether you write for business or pleasure it is quite possible that your writing could benefit from the amazing new english writing software known as WhiteSmoke 2011. You've
  • MyABCs 0.4-4

    An educational game for young children. MyABCs familiarizes children with the english alphabet and a keyboard.Its a very good learning tool with different modes in witch to learn such as : the alphabet mode - The first
  • Random English Word Generator 1.0

    This software offers a solution for users who want to generate a random list of english words. There are features in the software to generate words by a certain character length, starting character (prefix), ending
  • WordMaster 1.0

    WordMaster is a english Word Finder software for Pocket PC dedicated to english learners and word game players. It helps you to search words in many ways Symbols to define search patterns include: ? any single letter, *
  • Cover Letter Creator 1.0.0.

    FreeWare Resume Cover letter Creator software Cover letter Creator is a FreeWare software enabling one to make an Attention-Pulling Resume Cover letter while following the step by step instructions. The procedure
  • Concise and Thesaurus S60 4.10

    This value software pack consists of the most popular dictionary worldwide - the Concise Oxford english Dictionary and the Concise Oxford Thesaurus. The Concise english Dictionary is noted for its clear, concise
  • ITRANS 5.31

    ITRANS is a pre-processor, converts english-encoded text into various Indian Language scripts for printing or for display. The input text to ITRANS is in a transliterated form, each letter in an Indian Script is
  • GHOST for Mac 1.0

    GHOST is a computer (solitaire) version of the age-old game in which you try to add a letter without making a word; one and two letter words do not count. If you make a word, you get a letter (the first letter is "G").
  • MB Cornerstone Number 1.0

    MB Cornerstone Number software finds your cornerstone number or the cornerstone letter and also lets you know the significance of your cornerstone number or your cornerstone letter. The explanation, rather the
  • TELL Word Game Trial 1.0

    TELL is a computer word game to aid learning english, and help learn spelling english words, it's fun and challenging too!You can choose from 4 difficulties, from Easy (5 letter words) to Very Hard (8 letter words). Each
  • Cruxel 1.0.2

    Cruxel is an exciting crossword game. The player takes a letter from the letter Selection and fills it into the grid, creating complete words. The longer the words the better. Sometimes, this will need well-considered
  • PhonicsTutor Freqent Words 1.5

    Teachers and parents across the country asked us to make educational software that teaches the most frequent words of english using the PhonicsTutor method of phonics. PhonicsTutor Frequent Words does just that. We
  • ACCESS Dictionary English French 1.0

    Dictionary Database english-French to integrate into your applications in MS-ACCESS Format. The demoversion includes the letter "H" with 1369 Keywords. Fullversion english- French Dictionary 37483 keywords with 368108
  • Super GHOST 1.0

    Super GHOST is a computer (solitaire) version of the age-old game in which you try to add a letter to the beginning or the ending of existing letters without making a word; one and two letter words do not count. If you
  • chainletter 1.0

    In this word game you are required to make 5-letter words. Middle letter of each word is used as the first and last letter of the next word. Try to use most commonly used letters as a middle letter so that the chain
  • Drafting Tools for ArcGIS 9.3.165

    This is a sample extension that presents a new toolbar to ArcMap users. The 'drafting Tools' toolbar streamlines the editing experience for drafting professionals. Behind the scenes, the storage, editing and display of
  • Vega English-Norwegian/Norwegian-English Dictionary 1

    english-Norwegian/Norwegian-english, 102 000 keywords. (Vega Engelsk-Norsk/Norsk-Engelsk Ordbok)Willy A. Kirkeby is Norway?s leading dictionary author. His works are published by several leading publishing houses and
  • Chainmesh 1.0

    ChainMesh is one of many varieties of word puzzles available today. While very simple in nature, its not easy to solve. This program prepares a ChaimMesh puzzle that you can print. Puzzle and the solution are printed on
  • Letter Assigner 1.2.0

    letter Assigner allows to assign any letter to any drive in Windows 95/98 ( with a few non-significant exceptions ). It remebers drives by their serial numbers or by the labels, which provides Protection against letter
  • Fans Photo2pdf Converter 2.1

    Fans Photo to PDF & PostScript Converter software can convert Photos and images files to PDF or PostScript, it's works with the most common image formats (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO, WMF, EMF, PCX, Tga, Psd, Dcx, and TIF
  • TextPlay 1.0

    TextPlay lets you manipulate a text string of choice quickly and easily like putting the entire phrase into reverse or displaying it vertically. It comes with more than 20 text effects. Simply, set an original string at
  • Cipher 1.0

    The object of Cipher is to solve the puzzles by selecting letters of the alphabet and placing them onto the correct places on the puzzle. As you place your letter choices, the new letter and the letter being replaced