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  • WhiteSmoke English Writing 2011.01.29

    Could your writing use a little help? Whether you write for business or pleasure it is quite possible that your writing could benefit from the amazing new english writing software known as WhiteSmoke 2011. You've
  • WhiteSmoke Writing Business Letter 2011.7

    WhiteSmoke is a perfect and most helpful writing tool that helps you to Write Business letters, emails, letters, reports and speeches in a professional manner. It help user?s enhance their writing skills with
  • All-Business-Letters v2.4

    The most compressive business writing software contains huge collection of business, sales and marketing letters and also writing guidelines, editing and communication tools. Including 4,500 essential Business, sales and
  • Yoolki Arabic Keyboard 1.1.1

    Right click any text field and select "Write Arabic here" to write in Arabic using an english keyboard. The add-on can transliterate your english letters or translate english to Arabic using Google translate. (ex: The
  • RusFon mit CD 4.1

    RusFon is a transcription-software which transfers Cyrillic letters in Roman characters and the other way round. Moreover is RusFon very useful transferring Russian names and postal addresses. The software disposes of a
  • Turkish Typer 1.0

    If you are intersted in being able to type in Ottoman letters or Turkish letters you can do so with this program. The program works quite simple. You click on a letter that you would like to use, then press CTRL + V
  • Hebrew url 0.1

    The add-on is meant for those times when you switch to the address bar, but forget to switch the language back to english, and get just a scramble of gibberish Hebrew letters instead of the desired website. It
  • Spell It Out Loud 1.0

    Spell It Out Loud is a simple application that will teach you how to read english letters. It also contains some nice exercise to learn how to Pronounce english
  • MobileWrite

    Using MobileWrite, it is easy to enter text and data, in to your favorite Palm OS applications, by simply writing on the screen of your handheld, instead of using the keyboard. It is an improvement over the Graffiti 1
  • BloomingKids Demo for Writing 1.10

    BloomingKids Demo for writing is a program designed to help students to learn how to type. There are four sub-programs: writing letters, writing numbers, writing words, and drawing shapes. All you have to do is to select
  • WhiteSmoke Writing Software 2010

    WhiteSmoke 2009 is a complete solution for checking and enhancing english writing. A comprehensive tool for proofreading and editing, WhiteSmoke features a grammar checker, style checker, spell checker, and a suite of
  • Business Correspondence - How To Write A Business Letter 1.0

    writing letters is very important in different kinds of businesses, and you should know how to write outstanding business letters. Business Correspondence - How To Write A Business Letter gives you 24 power-packed
  • All-Business-Letters for Mac

    4500 professionally written business letters & writing guidelines. Over 4500 professionally written business letters which nearly cover every imaginable business situation. All-Business-letters offers a comprehensive
  • MSDict Concise Oxford English Dictionary and Thesa 3

    MSDict Concise Oxford english Dictionary and Thesaurus 3 offers users a 2 in 1 program. This value software pack consists of the most popular dictionary worldwide - the Concise Oxford english Dictionary and the Concise
  • English for free 1.3

    If you can understand this review, then you know english but you might know some people who don't. english for Free is a simple and fun to use tool that teachers english free of charge. The program consists of 13 lessons
  • Turkcelestir 0.36

    Do you have difficulty writing Turkish characters in your email? Not anymore, write your email as usual, with 1-click, Turkcelestir! converts characters to Turkish characters! There are six letters in the Turkish
  • CorrectEnglish

    Correct english program improves your written english quality by performing an analysis of the most fundamental elements that are included in your document. It has ability to identify grammar and style errors, provides
  • phoNIX for Linux Beta

    phoNIX for Linux is a Free software application (licensed under the GPL) for the Linux desktop that helps young children learn to read english by using the 'Phonics' system, commonly taught in english Primary schools.
  • SinhalaKey 0.9.5

    SinhalaKey Firefox extension will help the firefox user to typing sinhalese letters in Firefox. In the current version, only support for SINGRISH (Type sinhala words using english letters as the same sinhala sound comes
  • Letter Star 1.6.0

    You can use this software for writing letters with best layout, and set-up. It saves your time in sending personalized greetings by automating the process of writing receivers address. It gives you excellent output with
  • Arabic Typing Tutor 3.9

    Arabic Typing Tutor 3.9 is known as a professional tool which is intended for people who need to learn how to type Arabic words. Typing speeds illustrates familarity with computer. It simplifies your daily work, e-mails
  • Job Search Toolbox 1.0

    Job Search Toolbox is job search software that automates your job search by streamlining the process of searching, tracking contacts, writing cover letters, managing resumes, and more. In five minutes you can have an
  • Free Key Generator 1.0

    Now you can easily and quickly create passwords and keys by using inclusive software Key Generator. It supports following two languages: english and Slovensky. It has user friendly interface that is very easy to use
  • All-Business-Letters 2009 4.5

    The single most effective tool for producing effective business letters is All-Business-letters program because; it has a broad library for the samples of business letter. It includes more then 4500 high-quality and
  • Spellathon 1.0

    Spellathon is a word game to test your english vocabulary skills. You are given seven letters and you need to find words of length four letters or more that include a central
  • English to Vietnamese Translator 2.00

    You can use this handy english to Vietnamese Translator for translating Web contents, letters, chat, and emails between english and Vietnamese. It supports install / uninstall as well as compatible with Unicode. You can
  • Personalised Letters 2006

    Personalised letters Print high quality personalised letters based upon any name, choose from different designs to produce the perfect giFT for friends & family Santa letters, Sanat letters software, Personalized
  • ATDict 1.0

    ATDict, english Chinese dictionary, supports more than 30,000 english words. The way it works is very easy. After you have launched the application, type the letters you know of the word you are looking for, the App
  • Ack!words 2.1

    An new kind of word puzzle game. Ack!words is a brand new concept in word/puzzle games. It's as addictive as tetris and as challenging as boggle and scrabble combined. To play, you connect adjacent letters (in any
  • Dr.eye Pro 8.1

    Dr.eye is one of the most popular translation software in the whole Chinese-spoken area. It is the only translation software that won all the following three awards: Award of Outstanding Information Product, User's Best