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  • Hebrew 2.03

    Now you can make your life easy and can also save your time by easily learning hebrew that is possible because of handy tool hebrew. It includes converter as well as that you can use for converting hebrew to english
  • English to Hebrew Dictionary for Palm OS 6.0

    The comprehensive and carefully selected english to hebrew Dictionary, is an excellent choice for english travelers visiting Israel and for students learning hebrew. The full dictionary version provides hebrew
  • Hebrew Lite 5.00

    hebrew Lite is intended for people who need "read-only" hebrew. Specifically for reading hebrew Doc (Document) files, and for use with Luach and OMeR. If you want to use hebrew in your built-in Date Book, Address
  • Esoteric Delights Hebrew Keyboard 1.0

    Allows to peck out hebrew letters on a keyboard for english-speaking areas and automatically generate gematria, Temur and notarikon. Can also paste in hebrew found in other sources and / or enter the analysis in hebrew
  • Hebrew Switcher 0.3

    This extension will switch hebrew text written on a qwerty keyboard into its parallel english characters on the keyboard.In order to convert the hebrew text into english please press the alt+\ key (The button left to
  • Wrong Language 0.2

    Have you ever typed a long hebrew sentence only to find out that the selected language is english and you have typed gibberish? Until today what you would have done is to erase the whole sentence/paragraph, change
  • Morah Moriah Shapes & Colors

    This iinteractive talking digital ebook features a printable 54 card set that teaches the beginning hebrew/english student about Shapes and Colors in a Bilingual hebrew-english format. 37 cards teach colors (12
  • Hebrew Support+ 4.10

    hebrew Support+ allows all applications to handle hebrew data. hebrew text can be entered using hebrew Graffiti, or via the hebrew popup keyboard. The hebrew Graffiti strokes are shown in the Graffiti Help Screen.
  • Hebrew Editor 0.61

    The hebrew Editor package is intended mostly for hebrew speaking users for creating and editing hebrew/english LaTeX documents. This package provides a text (terminal) based word processor which is extreamly LaTeX
  • Hebrew Pronounced 1.0

    hebrew Pronounced is a small program produced to give folks an idea of what ancient hebrew sounds like.It plays several words or phrases in hebrew, from daily usage and from the bible, through the sound system of the
  • Israel Radio Toolbar 2.1

    With Israel Radio Toolbar you can listen to more then 39 live Israel radio stations, Access the best Israel Music & hebrew Music Source, Read News from Israel, RSS feed from Ynet, search with 9 search engines, Pop up
  • Hebrew url 0.1

    The add-on is meant for those times when you switch to the address bar, but forget to switch the language back to english, and get just a scramble of gibberish hebrew letters instead of the desired website. It
  • Advanced Bible Decoder Pro 1.0.8

    ABD bible code software provides best tools and quality matrices results for bible code research. Download Advanced Bible Decoder Pro today! Powerful bilingual english-hebrew dictionary, allowing the english speaking
  • Hebrew URL Fixer 1.03

    When the user types an address in hebrew by mistake, the add-on converts the hebrew letters back to english, so the user will reach the wanted site without even noticing
  • T-Radio Toolbar

    Stay up-to-date with Israeli news, radio stations and online TV-broadcasts. ?Over 50 Israeli radio stations with straight listening from your browser. ?Access to useful Israeli links ?entertainment, fun & games,
  • Hebrew Applications 3.52c

    Get the localized version of the built-in applications in hebrew: -Date Book -Address Book -To Do List -Memo Pad In all these applications, the screens, buttons, and tips have been converted to hebrew. In addition to
  • WordPoint 3.17

    Instant translation: WordPoint is a point-to-translate PC dictionary that provides real-time interactive translation in 18 languages. Point your cursor at the word and an instant translation appears in a tooltip balloon.
  • Bible Decoder 2.3

    Few claims have received so much attention and stirred up so much controversy as the findings of the Bible codes. These suggest that embedded in the Bible are secret codes that reveal all events - past, present and
  • Logos Biblical Hebrew Keyboard

    Logos Biblical hebrew Keyboard is a small software that will install hebrew language on your system.The Logos Biblical hebrew Keyboard is designed for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating
  • English-Hebrew Travel Phrase Book 6.0

    If you travel to a hebrew speaking country and do not know hebrew this is an essential tool to have. The english-hebrew talking phrase book for Palm OS?? devices is easier to use than regular dictionary. It is
  • LingvoSoft English-Hebrew Suite for Pocket PC

    The LingvoSoft Suite 2006 english hebrew for Pocket PC is a remarkable and integrated collection of three extraordinary language software titles designed to run on your handheld PC. This versatile set of language tools
  • Learn Hebrew 1.0

    The exclusive program Learn hebrew makes learning of the hebrew Bible very easy. It includes 24 Lessons and each lesson includes approximately 20 "verse fragments" from the Bible while the top 400 Vocabulary Words of
  • Limon free English-Hebrew dictionary 0.5.3

    Limon is a free online english-hebrew-english dictionary, developed by volunteers. The Dictionary is open, and everybody can add new terms. This is a small Firefox extention, that shows translations to selected words, in
  • GoldWord Pro 2.2.1

    GoldWord professional and user-friendly solutions for all the writing and translation needs - at home, in the business and in educational institutions.GoldWord writes and translates words in a wide range of different
  • Excel Convert Files From English To Hebrew and Hebrew To English Software 7.0

    Convert MS Excel files from english to hebrew and vice
  • Quick Dictionary 1.0.2

    Translates words to or from english. Many languages. Easy to use. Translate unknown words right in the PaGE you are browsing in the convenient popup. References to usage examples, web definitions and related phrases.
  • Music from The Torah 1.00

    Music from the Torah is a unique program that can extract esoteric melodies from the hebrew Text of the Torah and Tanach. The user will easily be able to make great sounding melodies within just a few seconds of
  • ENGLISH damnit 1.1

    Don't you hate it when you start blind-typing something long in what you taught was english just to find out you're typing gibberish in hebrew. Now you can keep typing (or stop) and using double-click (anywhere in a
  • StudyWare Bible 1.0

    StudyWare Bible is a tool that displays the list of translated english words for a particular hebrew or Greek word in the Scriptures. Hence, you can look into other english words translated for the same word in original
  • StudyWare Bible for Linux 1.0

    StudyWare Bible is a tool that displays the list of translated english words for a particular hebrew or Greek word in the Scriptures. Hence, you can look into other english words translated for the same word in original